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my mother sez, she sez to me…. speak to me of Dull Peeple and I sez, sez I, I always just figgers they’ve got themselves some of that there Brain Dammidge.

I took an internet break from cleaning and bending and NOW I’m going to go back and paint some more.  Turns out the touch up paint was the WORNG COLLER.  Good thing I didn’t use too much of it.

Tom and Peggy are going to feed me dinner, may they be honoured and blessed. (And I will pick up the salmon, if I remember!)   I light a candle for Tammy, how good to hear her voice this morning!  and for the bus driver this morning, who was expecting to have today off and had to work instead.  I know the feeling…

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Born when atmospheric carbon was 316 PPM. Settled on MST country since 1997. Parent, grandparent.

2 thoughts on “more brevity”

  1. Upon lengthy consideration I have to agree with your assessment, given the people I have in mind. Given also your assessment of me as an elitist swine, incapable of changing considering my advanced age, I must necessarily revert to Kurt Vonnegut’s valedictory remark obligating us to be kind. So I will attempt to deal with the dull people in my life with kindness.


    And thank you. As always your wisdom is valued.

  2. I would like to thank Allegra for pointing out to me that what is right and wrong is a matter of perspective. I find my maternal instincts tend to get thrust on to my friends and family whether they asked for it or not — my first instinct and reaction is to protect them without regard to the doer. I also have a really hard time with people who hurt innocent children or animals. As an example, it takes every once of will power I have to walk by a pregnant woman who is smoking without saying anything.

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