more pain(t)

Finished the kitchen cupboard painting, shampooed the rug downstairs in the dungeon, finished the hall closet, cleaned a couple of windows. That finished me for the evening. Paul gave me a ride home.

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  1. I do hope your weeks at hard labour are drawing to a close. I feel tired reading about it.

  2. We’ve got another week.

    Yeah, well, it’s nothing compared to the hours Paul has put in because his shift structure allows it – and he’s on vacation for another 8 days or so. The latest stuff he’s been doing has been downstairs lights and switchplates. The place looks MUCH tidier and more modern as a result. Also, all fluorescent bulbs.

    It’s not like he has a spare minute to unpack at his new place. I could wish that he had (deleted, of course) and that Dr Filk’s suite (deleted, of course). No sense crying over spilt plutonium. I haven’t had any inclination to look after the garden, so a volunteer has been looking after it. I didn’t clear a heavy snowfall off the rosemary you planted for me, and it basically split in half a dozen places. It has since been trimmed in a very graceful, topiary fashion, and still has enough of those lovely purple blossoms to attract bees.

    The plum tree went to Karl and Kleo. I was damned if I was going to let that tree get smooshed by developers. The rhodo, being so close to the lot line, may get left in place. But my heart wll die a bit the day they come to bulldoze the figs and the grapes, and likely that pear tree.

    Bees! My god, there are so many of them up here on the hill it’s like it’s another country.

  3. Nice to be among the bees. My masons have hatched and departed; the Ceoanthus is a riot of bees and blue. Rosemary is peculiar – either you have a plant that NOTHING will kill, or you trim it a little and it goes belly-up. In between are those which limp along for years before making up their minds to either thrive or die. Mine is one of those.

  4. Well, Peggy gave me two rosemaries and just like you predicted, one of them promptly died an’ the other one looks like it will never die.

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