7 thoughts on “Why I’m never getting on an airplane again.”

  1. This man has a seriously messed up mind. Refer to earlier blog on “Cognitive Biases”. He has no regard whatsoever for the safety and well-being of others — I think it’s quite possible this man has no conscience (and possibly no soul). I’ve been watching this whole thing transpire on CNN and I said to Jim last night “He should be shot on sight” by the department of Homeland Security or the equivalent thereof in whatever country snagged him.

  2. His parents should have spanked him more. For this comment I will probably get something nasty in the email.
    Speaking of nasty things, I let my vermiculture get too wet, and the smell (and the fruit-flies) now when the bin is opened is unspeakable. I added shredded legal papers in the hope that something in them would sweeten the process, on the principle that opposites cancel each other out, or some such. It’s a relative of the principle that if two people get the same dessert at a restaurant, the calories cancel each other out.

  3. Mum, eggs. To sweeten a vermicomposter, dried and pounded eggshells. If you don’t eat that many eggs, and I guess you don’t, get your neighbours to share them up with you. Or get lime and spread it in thoroughly.

  4. That’s alright Nautilus3. Spanking would have been legal when the TB man was a child. I believe in spanking doled out sparingly while in a calm (not angry) state. Fortunately, spanking was still legal when Jenn was young. More on this off-line when I get caught up on my e-mails. Sorry, I’ve managed to get a little behind with some pertinant paperwork in my office.

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