More paint

Last night I cleaned out Dr. Filk’s old bedroom, and now all Paul has to do is the light fixtures and outlets.  Everything else in that room is done.  I put another coat of paint on the insides of the downstairs kitchen cupboards, another coat of paint on the dungeon cupboard, cleaned out (ALMOST) the dungeon storage room, got the dry towels out of the dryer and bagged them up for Paul, and took two more boxes of crap to my place, thanks Paul for the lift home.

Joy of Joys, Keith joined me and we had a pleasant evening of reading sea adventures aloud, had dinner at home and crashed out early.  Very restful.  Up early this morning and left Keith the keys so he could work out and then he’ll saunter down the hill and give me my keys back sometime later this morning.  I wrote out and stamped and mailed five change of address cards… Now on to work….

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