One thought on “Oh, the humanity”

  1. I thought this was hilarious – a little stretched in places, but in fact a fine commentary on the diseasification of – well, everything. Reck, who recommended a book by David Smith titled Myths, Muses and Prophets on the subject of auditory hallucinations, said in commenting about the book that the ICD9 (or whatever number it would be half a century ago) on psychiatric illnesses when he trained in psychology in the late forties and the fifties was leaflet-sized, and now it is the size of the Sears catalogue. So why the heck NOT a disease of trauma-by-goat.
    I think a lot of the related commentary didn’t get it, however.
    About the a/n book – I didn’t read it all. Tried, honestly. But failed. Got the gist, I think, which is that hearing voices is not necessarily pathological. The historical perspective was interesting.

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