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  1. How is it that we have come so far in a single century and are so slow to catch on to basic stuff? I was told in high school chemistry class that benzene was carcinogenic and even without a basic understanding of chemistry, sodium benzoate sounds like a relative of benzene. Meanwhile, the general population has been drinking this stuff for another 30 years, even giving it to their kids!

  2. So that’s why GrandmOm is still mentally alert and capable at the age of 95 – no soft drinks. (Also no cigarettes, alcohol, etc.)

  3. I checked the Coca-Cola/Soda Water blend that we mix — no sodium benzoate. However, the coke does have “natural” flavour, “colour” and phosphoric acid. My Mom says soda water is still pop and it’s unhealthy! If I’m home and drink a soda water, she does the trade off thing “OK, but you have to drink a glass of juice the same size!!” I’m 50 years old snd she’s not kidding!!!

  4. I don’t think they do. Also, I have to admit as a Mom I have one of my own — it’s water. When Jenn brought Simon home the first time, something came up and I told him to drink a large glass of water. Jenny pipes in “I warned you Simon, you thought I was joking; she’s always on about the water. You better drink it, she won’t give up until you do.” Simon says “She can’t make me drink water, I’m a grown man” to which Jenn replies “she will follow you around, she won’t give up, drink the water, you’ll be further ahead”. Water is good to drink for allergy attacks (with Benadryl), migraines, flu, colds, food digestion, regularity — it’s amazing how many situations arise that will result in my giving someone a glass of water.

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