6 thoughts on “Redheads, ahoy.”

  1. Why Loki? Because you could have used your red hair to your advantage or you could have pursued red-headed girls? I have brown hair and brown eyes and, other than a body like Twiggy, I’m feeling I was short changed on the evolutionary chain. My ex-husband is a strawberry blonde and blue eyes, but my daughter like me has brown hair and her father’s blue eyes.

  2. Holy orangutan, Batman! I always promoted that they are the smartest monkeys, and have continued to suggest that the ability to turn copper instead of iron into melanin is an evolutionary bonus.
    Wonder why I am still single? Too many colour blind men…my red headed father was colour blind also, just by the by. Only dated one redhead, unfortunately the gemini factor cancelled any benefit of the red hair.

  3. Did you ever read a comparison about the ‘brains’ of the three big primates? Chimps are smart, but have NO attention span. Gorillas are smart, but timid and easily discouraged. Orangs are bad tempered, cunning and PATIENT… and have been known to plan escapes that took ages to implement, and to hide pieces of metal in their mouths for a month in the pursuit of liberty (they had figured out that small piece of metal means escape…). An orang keeper said once, don’t even dream about trying to keep an orang in a cage. If she doesn’t want to be there, she’ll spend as much time as she needs to think about how to get out…. just like what happened recently. And she’ll take her buddies with her. It’s a full time job staying ahead of caged orangs.

  4. Debbie – I might have gotten more action (well, some action) in high school, but then I might not have gotten involved with the Right Girl. Female hair colour has never been important to me, high intelligence has.

  5. Gee Loki. I almost missed your post, there’s so much action on Allegra’s blog these days! There’s no doubt you married the right girl. Your wife is an excellent mother, well read, highly intelligent and I believe you have just celebrated or are about to celebrate your 50th Wedding Anniversary. For me, a man’s appearance is secondary. The first thing that will get my attention is a genuine sense of concern and kindness towards other people and animals. At some point, a friend will point out your boyfriend is goodlooking or smoking hot. At which point, I will give it some thought and realize “Oh my God, he is hot”. I’m really clueless this way.

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