God damn Telus

No internet.  I didn’t even bother with the minions and went straight to a supervisor.  His English was charming but hardly fluent.

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  1. Allegra, I have repeatedly found that the highest ranking officer is the most helpful and approachable within a firm, i.e. the President. They are always interested to know what is NOT going right in their firm and know every contact person necessary to get to the bottom of the problem ASAP. I call it the “Top-Down Approach” and for some reason, I’ve never been too shy to use it AND it works everytime. Sometimes, you can get this guy’s e-mail address just by asking Customer Service for it or by conversationally asking who is the current Pres. and/or owner. I don’t feel bad, because once the president implements my fix, thousands of other people are also helped.

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