So I don’t have rights?

Apparently Paul is upset with me that I at first said that I wouldn’t go after his pension and CPP and now I’ve changed my mind and I will, and that I will be amending the separation agreement to reflect this.

I was hoping that he would understand what a good deal he was getting and sign off fast.  Instead he stalled, and told me that the house was not going on the market until the separation agreement was signed.  In the meantime, I got unbelievable phone calls and emails from friends and relatives, some of them PAUL’S friends and relatives, all beating me up something ferocious about what a prize moron I was being, what an unmitigated ass, and suchlike.  So I changed my mind.  My father, for one, will sleep more soundly, because he advised me ONCE at the beginning of this process, and having both more life experience and forbearance than my friends, has declined to advise me further, considering me both too foolish and too headstrong to take advice.  Okay pOp, the chump wised up, but only after repeated floggings!

However…. I am within my rights to request access to these sums, however paltry, and if Paul wants to be angry with me for asking for my rights, that’s his privilege.  I have something else to say about this that is extremely funny and mean-spirited, but I’ll save it for the Gang of Three.

I will quote from Cat Ballou, “….and made him talk to LAWYERS!” as my envoi….

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4 thoughts on “So I don’t have rights?”

  1. Well, a lot of chumps never do wise up, so maybe you can give up being a chump for lent. Anyway pOps should only give advice when it is asked for. But now some unsolicited advice for Paul. If the parties to a separation can agree then they divide their assets. If they don’t then the lawyers end up with everything.

  2. For the record, you are no chump .. no matter which decision you made! What is it Trudeau said to Margaret Trudea .. something like there is no right or wrong, just consequences. All your friends were only trying to point out the longer term consequences to let you make a decision about what is best for you.

  3. Well, there’s the right and wrong OUT THERE and the right and wrong IN HERE. In here still says I should walk away from everything but the house; but the unanimity of opinion on the subject, from people who could never be expected to agree on anything else, has been quite startling. So I was wrong! I hope to learn and grow.

    don’t want to see no lawyer. Hmpf

  4. Generally speaking, people keep their advice to themselves. When you receive such an out pouring of support and advice, you know a whole lot of people love you and care about you.

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