Things didn’t happen

Well, I didn’t get to go to the Railway Club, and Lexi didn’t come over (she wuz feeling porely) but excellent things did happen to me this past weekend, including a FABULOUS meal at Dosa Garden. And a spit at the Boathouse. Verra nice. Got to mention the Vorkosigan filks to Jo Beverley, who’s pals with Lois McMaster Bujold. And I got my internet running at home, did I mention that? Oh, and I bought a…. vacuum cleaner. It’s orange. And I have no place to put it.

Dr. Filk has requested that I forward him a copy of his resume. So tonight it’s off to the Augur Inn to fetch Dr. Filk his resume and clean his apartment. Oh, and I have to take the adjustable spanner back to the Augur Inn, too.

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2 thoughts on “Things didn’t happen”

  1. Vas ist das, “thumbdrive?” Never mind, I’ll ask pOp. Woke up too early this morning, have to wait THREE HOURS before I can ask him.

  2. A thumbdrive is a little thing about the size of a thumb which has a USB connection and upon which you can store, well, data. I would suggest you get one big enough to back up your geneology on so that if you have to run out of the house in a fire you don’t lose that.

    Speaking of storage, you can now buy a terabit for 600 bucks. I remember when a 40 meg hard drive was da bomb.

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