I have walked by the bees clinging to the underside of the first of the Scotch Thistle for the last three days, and every time I walk by they are thinner and less mobile.  There are dead bees all over the campus.  It’s making me very sad.


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  1. I’m sorry about your bees Allegra. Why are they dying? We have been in this house for 8 years, our subdivision was built on farm land. This year a variety of birds are finally starting to return. They seem to be making their rounds on our street, nesting in the vents … and one neighbour actually had a female racoon tear through the roof of their house to make a nest for her young ones.

  2. We dunno. There was a bee dieoff in the 1880’s, and there’s a LOT of arguing and backing and forthing on the internet; my current belief is that it is a combination of things, diseases or mites, or maybe weather.

  3. Maybe you could contact the University of Guelph, find out how to properly collect, store and ship dead bees to them for autopsy & testing. When you first mentioned it, I thought it might be insecticides, but if it goes back to 1880s I guess not.

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