I had four wishes

That the house sell fast. That it be owner occupied.  That we get our asking price.  That the closing date be swift.

And I got my wishes.  The house sold for 540K and with hardly any subject to’s and the folks were glad to get a place with a legal suite and it all happened with blinding speed.

Obviously until the subjects come off I should not dance up and down too hard, but I am anyway.  Paul and I had a celebratory meal at the Himalayan Peaks.


1.  Sorry about the spoilers.  I figured only Dr. Filk and Mike would care.  I suck, but you love me anyway, right?  And besides, when you see the expressions on Katchoo’s face (oh god, and CASEY, you will CROAK when you see it –  you’ll forgive me.

2.  TWO offers on the house, one serious, one not.  We may get full price for this puppy.  Wish us luck.  The family that Paul showed through the place absolutely loved it – they spent more time in the legal rental suite than they did in the upstairs, where they would be living.  All the time I spent cleaning that f/cking apartment has come into sharp focus as being, you know, a good thing. (Also all of Janice and Paul’s hard work). Real Estate Magician we hired is working on moving in the removal dates (of the subject-tos) but we may be hopping from one foot to the other for another week.  I have no doubts but that the house will clear the building inspection, and the financing on the solid offer is just that, solid. Fingers crossed.  Oh, forgot to mention that closing date is a month from now!