Lodge report – and earworms note

Chipper says she has Gezillions of fireflies at Red Deer Lodge.  Or is it Bazillions?  Enquiring minds want to know.  First no blackflies, now tons fireflies.  Oh, and she’s 95% full for July and August.  It’s shaping up to be a decent year.

I keep meaning to mention that I have the two WORST EARWORMS evar.  An earworm, for those of you who may not know the technical name for this hideous disorder, is a song you CANNOT get out of your head.  One is Mika’s Grace Kelly, and the other is Champion’s No Heaven.  The two are seesawing through my mind like a toddler on meth.

Feeling fine

Got up around 4, called my girlfriend Tammy, and then washed my dishes and my kitchen floor.  Had a cup of tea, nuked some home fries that I made yesterday, and then looked in my microwave and went FEH and hosed it down.  Serves me right for not covering up that Vindaloo when I nuked it.

Somebody is coming to look at the Augur Inn tonight, or so sez Paul.  I was going to do some more work, as per earlier blogs, but now that I’ve been released from durance vile I can wander over to the SFU library and get a library card.  I haven’t had a university library card in 30 years.  Maybe Katie will come over, she bailed on last night.
Spoke to my mum, Chipper and one of my oldest and dearest buds, Toronto Dave D last night – which Chipper will find amusing when she reads this as they too go back to the First Age of the World – he called out of the blue when I was already feeling extremely connected and contented with the unimyverse.

The sun’s come up all glorious.