sociable evening

RobofNine ran his hands over my new MacBook and got wordpress to behave by installing Firefox.  Alas, he did not put an icon on the desktop ere he left, which caused me an untold two minutes of anxiety, but now all is well.

Katie came for a visit (she is sleeping under the quilt five generations of her family worked on) and Mike & Heather came by as well and we went for a walk and drank beer and ate the apple pie they brought.

Spoke to Peggy about the arrangements for getting to Grace Hicks’ memorial service.

Spoke super briefly to Chipper.

And Katie spoke with her grandma, and all is right with the world.

Nothing to say

…except I made a herculean effort to clean my apartment, and now it turns out that nobody is coming tonight!!!!


OH NOZ…. I guess I get to go home and surf the internet in my skivvies instead of getting tech support.  Rob of Nine is putting an offer in on a house in Langley so he won’t be able to help me with my computer. 


Then, tomorrow, a memorial service and then a party at Brother Jerome’s.


Ran into Brian C in the liquor store last night and he gave me a ride home!!!  See how little it takes to make me happy.