Quiet Day

Today I thought it was my hair appointment but I was wrong by a week – fortunately I was also after seeing Katie and Keith for lunch in uptown New West (overate, of course) and getting a new outfit for Katie’s Graduation, and visiting the New West library (oldest in BC) for the latest Aubrey Maturin book.  I read Desolation Island and I have to say I didn’t like it much except for the end.

Keith brought along the first two digests of Fables, and, while no Strangers in Paradise, it’s very entertaining and quite well done.  So I’ve done nothing but read and buy bread and hang with the kids today, and by heaven I needed to.

Keith Here

Keith is here, letting me know about his recent comic acquisitions.  With the end of Strangers in Paradise, I’m casting about for a new jones, and I have decided to go for Fables, which he is currently telling me all about.  He’s a dear lad but he didn’t bring me the next Aubrey Maturin book so I growled at him.
I have to go in to New West to get my hairs cut and meet with the Number One Daughter for lunch.  Keith will join us after his workout.

I am going in to work tomorrow, but I realized I committed to going to church, too, so I’m double booking myself…. again.  I should go in around 2 pm.  I really do have to go, it’s the last time we’re in that building before we start up in the Gathering Place in the fall.