Click here, scroll down until you see Eli

Then contemplate the dog’s face for a while.  All hail the beedogs!

Eli’s expression perfectly matches how I feel right now.

From the Be Careful What You Wish For Department, I had a tremendous urge to hear a Cars tune or two a couple of nights ago, and last night I got about an hour’s worth at Elly’s.  I now have the crunching opening guitar riff of Good Times Roll jammed in my head.

Also listened to Alice in Chains Jar of Flies.  It is an annoying, and yet somehow deeply satisfying album.  ALSO and this was the big win of the evening in terms of auralstim, the EP from around the same time called Sap.  Wonderful harmonies, tunes like a drunk tripping downstairs in terms of structure, and oh, the crunchy, crunchy guitars.  How I like the sound, even if the lyrics are uninspired.  Can’t have everything.  I mean, I write a mean tune, but can I sing it?  Which reminds me, time to pick the mando up again. A mandolin can’t tell you to shut up, unless, of course, somebody else is trying to beat your head in with it.

Wandering the West End

Went to Doug and Elly’s a bit early yesterday; they are currently making a documentary called a day in the life of Uncle Doug and Aunt Elly, and I wish they were making it for me because it sounds hilarious.  Essentially it’s an ADVERTISEMENT; they want some people to come and visit them so instead of bugging THEM about it, they are going to make their apartment seem so unbelievably attractive to the kids that they’ll come out to Vancouver just to get the kids to shut up.

Anyway the earlyness meant I had 90 minutes to stooge around so I got a pedicure; it wasn’t as nice as the last one and I now have a big hole in my foot where none ought to be, but it doesn’t hurt much and she did actually pay attention to me when I asked her NOT to trim my big toenails down as much as she was planning (or is that planing?)  to.  This is what is known as Too Much Information, or TMI.  But dammit, my feet are important, at least to me.  They are a big chunk of my operational effectiveness, I’ll have you know.

Doug made three cheese hot pepper salami pizza which was awesome, and crantinis (I only had one, as the first one hit like  an a-bomb.  My tolerance for alcohol has completely evaporated this summer…. getting old I guess.)

Patricia’s coming up the hill for lunch so I have about two hours to clean up after the kids…. errrr….. and thaw things and cook.  Damn, I’m lazy!  I only just got up!

Exciting things are happening in my life.  It’s wonderful.