I knew that Katie’s boyfriend’s court date was Monday, but apparently with the move (Katie and her mom in common-law are moving again) and the Grad and everything it slipped everybody’s mind, so nobody went to court.  To bring everybody up to date, Dax laid a beating on Katie for her birthday last year.  This is a matter of established fact and he already entered a guilty plea, so it’s not like I’m jumping the guilty until proven innocent gun.  The court date has now been set for the 3rd of July.  I am perhaps alone in the family in wishing this were over?

Grad tonight.  Weather right now is mixed wind and sun with your big fluffy clouds.

I slept about 12 hours yesterday; I suspect I’m trying to throw off a bug.  I bailed on Jericho – I just slept and slept.
Anybody who wants to see a very cute baby skunk, click here.