4 thoughts on “gloomy take on climate change”

  1. Gloomy indeed. Started with tourism problems, ended with starvation. Dramatic. Impactful emotionally. Effective? Maybe. We are too attached to our comforts.

  2. Wow! It started out with the loss of ski season days in the Swiss Alps AND I was truly depressed. We are also feeling the effects of shorter ski seasons here (Mont Ste. Marie, Mont Tremblant). So, I’m feeling very sad that one of the things that makes me happiest in this world is disappearing. For the bigger picture, extremely well done documentary. It ended on a hopeless note, not providing solutions and recommendations for change.

  3. It’s going to affect us here, as well; but I think as a globe we can expect tourism is going to disappear except for the super rich. As for skiing we’ll still have that too, you’ll just have to go farther for it. I never got into skiing partly because my parents didn’t except nautilus3 used to cross country ski, partly because it was called leg breaking in Mad Magazine and I developed a lively and imaginary terror that that I would break my leg if ever I went skiing, and partly because I have no frikking sense of balance and precious little kinesthetic sense.

  4. Oh well, no doubt you are right that skiing and broken bones are positively correlated. I was always a cautious skier and I don’t remember sustaining a single injury. I love the f

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