4 thoughts on “If you love your pet…”

  1. Very cute. I love baby piglets and these are the most adorable little piggies I have ever seen! We let our kids finger paint, why not let the piggies have some of the fun!

  2. Ignore above misplaced comment. Regarding this article, our dog Sumer is on Hills prescription diet (I/D). Sumer had a full work-up at the vet yesterday including blood/stool/urine tests. I’m going to give a copy of this article to my vet to see if any of the items mentioned in the article would show up in their testing.

  3. It is bad, but the pet food corporations are no different from any other corporation. Profit, and obscenely bloated salaries for the corporate execs are their only consideration.

  4. It’s obvious, isn’t it folks? Use professionals to flog products that lead to the professionals being needed to rescue the situation. Those of us who work hard for our money want to trust the high paid professionals we conscript to assist us. I found out the hard way that the vet industry is as bad as the human ‘health’ industry. Both are illness industries; if we and our pets stay healthy, a lot of high paid professionals are out of work. Hard to pay off that expensive university education if you don’t toe the industry line now, isn’t it?
    Personally I am very tired of checking the work of the people I pay. The amount of research I have accomplished, only to be met with total denial by the expert, is pathetic.

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