On this day 40 years ago….

The Monkees show won an Emmy for best TV comedy.

I am now inviting my parents to feel really, really old.

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5 thoughts on “On this day 40 years ago….”

  1. Dear Loki, Allegra’s parents can’t be that old. I don’t know if The Monkeys toured like a regular band but I have to admit I do remember watching the Monkeys on TV myself and I’m one year older than Allegra. So, as I remember it, my parents were probably stuck watching The Monkeys because us three kids had the channel picked!!

  2. Debbie, actually her parents were the ones watching the show, and as a matter of fact have the shows on dvd. Her parents, while in some ways are excruciatingly conventional, were in some other ways rather unconventional.

  3. LOL!! Knowing Allegra, it’s hard to imagine her parents being conventional, let alone EXCRUCIATINGLY conventional. I always figured Allegra’s parents had to be pretty cool, for her to turn out to be the person she is!

  4. I try to follow in the tradition. I am a tubby, non-descript middle aged female. On the inside I’m a raging warrior woman with a penchant for pictures of cute widdle bunnies and a lingering fondness for 40’s black and white movies. Nobody looking at my parents would think for two seconds that they have one of the finest collections of pulp sf north of Seattle…..

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