4 thoughts on “a subtle approach to prison overcrowding”

  1. Those FDA boys are such foot draggers. Couple of months back when all the dogs and cats were getting sick on melamine, it was also revealed that chinese toothpaste had killed 3 in Panama and made hundreds ill. Hmmm….are we the only people who read?
    And of course you heard about the fraudulent Colgate that was made in China…same problem. Glad I don’t use it.

  2. There are a LOT of incidents like this that are unreported. I remember one of the Dunnett gals – who lives in Alberta and is married to somebody who tests cows for BSE – being spitting mad about how the US closed the border to our cattle. She said, and I believe her, that the reason we FOUND BSE on this side of the border was because we were actually spending the money on looking. No such luck south of the border.

  3. Just looked at my toothpaste. All it says is imported by glaxo klein smith one of my least favourite corporations. I’ll bet it was made in china.

  4. Meswak, the natural alternative. Made from plants. Has natural fluoride. Not so salty, so you can brush your teeth at night without having to drink a gallon of water and disturb sleep to micturate. It is very very good. And for more than just teeth, like it aids digestion and shows 70 positive health ‘side effects’ in clinical testing.

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