10 thoughts on “Now here’s a guy who REALLY loves his mom….”

  1. Loved it, you should treat your mum well. The part I really liked was the comment that installing window$ on her computer was the hardest part.

  2. I didn’t even mention in my link “Read the last line first….” but I sure thought about it.

    Actually, I want YOU to have broadband that fast. mOm’s fine with a hand knitted inertnest.

    By the way, did you ever notice that the way I do mOm makes it look like an ascii “Kilroy was here”?

  3. I laughed when I read the last line knowing what Allegra went through and then packed it in for a Mac. We no longer install Windows as our computers come already loaded. BUT as each new version comes out, windows gets bigger and slower. I used to have just under 40,000 files for Norton to scan; today it scanned 634,663 files. My hard drive is bigger, my internet is the fastest that Bell offers and YET this is the slowest computer I’ve ever owned! Ironic isn’t it!

  4. Clean out your internet cache. That’s the first thing the guys in IT do when you say you’re running slow. And also virus scan, but I imagine you’re pretty diligent about that….

    I am just LOVING this Mac. Now all I need is a decent camera – Paul kept the one we used jointly – isn’t it funny? I don’t remember it being in the separation agreement but I just said I’d get another one – and Katie took hers back. Sigh. But digital cameras are so cheap these days I’m going to get another one, something small with a lens cap or retracting lens.

  5. Your mOm recently got a vivitar 10.1 megapixel digital camera from xs cargo for a very reasonable price. It takes great pictures and hides the lens when it goes to sleep. Not getting computers preloaded with Micro$oft crap is one of the reasons I assemble my own.

  6. Yes, so I am beginning to find out. My Dell came with Mac installed and then they somehow got ahold of my credit card and charged me after the trial period without even notifying me by e-mail. It made me so mad, I switched to Norton. I’m noticing more problems since I did this. I also have Webroot Spy Sweeper and that seems to help some.

  7. Debbie, I meant if you run a Mac computer you have auto antivirus. Norton does make an antivirus version for Mac, but no one uses it. No one writes viruses (or is that viri?) for Mac, because it is no fun messing up Yo-Yo Ma and a bunch of artists.
    A friend from Ottawa who owns a PC fix ’em business sent me documentation 3 years ago about what the security patches for Windows really are. I believe he has the best info I have ever seen on the matter. It isn’t pretty. Microsoftware is buggy for a reason.

  8. Just so, Chipper. I am finding this out as well. I need to take a day, phone Dell and go through this stuff with them until I can get my computer up to speed.

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