3 thoughts on “A very odd cookbook”

  1. hilarious!
    For some odd food though, try The Fat Duck (google will find it for you). Menu posted. Chef is part of the new movement of molecular gastronomy. Awards have been won.

  2. WHAT??? ALL gastronomy is molecular! You know – how the digestive tract is set up to reduce all intake to its constituent molecules. A non-molecular gastronomy would be the surprise…

    At any event, I loved the full-color ghastliness of the apparent food, and the text was even better. Still, given my basic principle, (if somebody else cooked it, it’s great) I would eat ANY of them, no questions asked.

  3. Nautilus 3, you and I know that food and metabolic processes work on a molecular level, but the new movement in chefville has been dubbed exactly that. Scientific American had an article about the differenct between a 66 and 67 degree C egg.
    As for your willingness to eat the food from the 10 pm cookbook, didn’t you work in a hospital for many years? Now that would be a cookbook…I have always wondered how a body was supposed to get well on grey stuff with cornstarch gravy…

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