And may I wish a glorious return of the spirit of the Constitution of the United States for the fourth, for my American friends, relatives and colleagues.

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  1. Most enjoyable Canada we’ve had in years. Many venues for outdoor concerts & fireworks in Ottawa. We opted for downtown this year with live entertainment at Parliment Hill, Major Hill Park, Confederation Park and every street corner. We heard an amazing 13-year old singer whose name I wish I could remember who has just recorded her first album AND we saw Cowboy Junkies and heard 3 songs from their new album “At The End Of Paths Taken CD”. Jenn was down there too, but we didn’t see her just heard from her via cell phone. I have only one complaint “Hello, it’s July 1st, what’s with a high of 17C DURING THE DAY??”.

  2. The name of the 13-year old singer (soul & jazz) is Nikki Yanofsky from Quebec. Her father could have been Paul’s brother and by god he was proud of his daughter. I now wish I could remember the names of the people she just finished recording with down in the states — all huge names in the industry AND Nikki’s voice unbelievable.

  3. (URL removed for safety 2016Feb07: www{dot}nikkionline{dot}ca/flash/home{dot}htm)

    Holy cats…. I thought the hair on my forearms was going to jump into space when I watched her perform. She was 12 in the video. Un un un believable.

  4. … AND at 13 she’s only gotten more unbelievable!!! You’re so sharp Allegra. Thanks for the link.

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