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  1. When I see things like this I wish I had gotten my degree in Marine Biology instead of Statistics & Mathematics!! Maybe it’s not too late for a 2nd career/hobby.

  2. Thank you SO much Loki!! I am currently in the process of medical retirement from the Federal Government so I am working on a new happy list. Marine Biology definately interests me. Just so you know, I’m Allegra’s age. Keith just turned 21 (I think) and my one and only will turn 21 in February. My biggest practical concern for Jenn is paying her university tuition. She will be in 3rd year this fall, then 4th year AND then onto Law school for little Miss Pants-On-Fire!! I don’t know who pays for post-graduate degrees?? Would that be me?? If so, YIKES!!!

  3. Tell Jen that when I went to law school I also worked full time, and if I can do it anyone can. (I know that they forbid working while at law school but what the heck.) It certainly simplifies your life. I’m sure that Keith would be horrified to learn that when his grandfather was his age he had been married for a year and Allegra was on the way. Although I have no desire to study them I am also very fond of marine mammals and hope that we go extinct before we extinguish them.

  4. Loki, I don’t know you personally, but I know Allegra and have heard that one of her brothers was in Menza at one point. Given the acorn doesn’t fall, far from Mighty Oak, I surmize you are among the top 2 percent (probably much higher) of the population. Otherwise I think it would be very hard to work full time AND go to law school AND be married with a child on the way. However, this will certainly give us a few things to talk about on the drive to Syracuse today. I agree on all counts regarding ALL wildlife — it’s sad, they are paying for “our” mistakes (intentional or otherwise).

  5. I think all of us flirted with getting Mensa membership, and then decided, a la Groucho Marx, that we didn’t want to belong to a club that would have us for a member. And the folks weren’t expecting me AND going to school, or I’d be much junior to you. It’s Keith that would be expecting a kid right now if he was reliving his grampa’s script, and let’s all be very restrained in our happiness… that he isn’t.

  6. MENSA membership is like this. Take the test. Attend an event. Discover that almost all of those present are people whose intellect did not provide them with the life chances – education, satisfactory careers – that they thought it should have, and who are in consequence dissatisfied and looking for explanations for this failure of their rational entitlement in things like pyramid power. At that point the Groucho Marx principle kicked in.

  7. Zow. All I did at a Mensa event was dance with a midget. But he could bust the moves!!!

  8. When I was a kid, it was among the norm for my friends’ parents to have 3 or more kids in their early to mid twenties. When I was expecting Jenn, all of my cousins, siblings and friends were having their kids in their late 20s. There is a maturity, responsibility and mind-set factor that seemed to prepare my parents’ generation for earlier parenting.

    ALSO, Jenn arrived home from CA sick. She was weak, nauseous and had NO appetite. It took us the whole week to coax smoothies, water and juice into her and by the last day she was able to eat some solid food. HOWEVER, at one point I recognized Jenn had all the symptoms I had when I was pregnant with her AND sent her off to the drug store for a pregnancy test WHICH to our great relief was negative. SO, Jenn has been fortified and we gave Jenn a small cookbook, Cheap & Easy Cooking by Pegeen Brennan (my aunt) which Jim notated. This small cookbook was written by my aunt when her son went off to university, she also gave a copy to me and NOW I have passed my copy onto Jenn.

  9. Most excellent. University student are famous for burning themselves out and then coming home to collapse at Mom’s. I’m glad you were so well prepared for her!

  10. Thanks. It wasn’t the week we envisioned. Jim took the week off and we planned to make a mini-vacation out of it. Still both Jim and I feel the week was a success. With Jenn back on her feet, she will be able to meet the challenges that await her in the next few months.

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