I had a blind date yesterday

He started losing me when he said that the word the came from theos (I called bull—-, looked it up in his convenient dictionary, proved that it was Anglo Saxon, showed it to him – at which point he shrugged and kept talking – on the same point, without realizing I had just destroyed his argument) but I didn’t say Cheque Please until he told me I was a poor lamb for believing humans ever walked on the moon.  He also purported to be enlightened and that he would show me everything; of course anything I said fed into his, uh, schema.  It was a tour de force, and since he was essentially harmless – it was obvious from his body language that he couldn’t hurt a fly – I let him run on until the second time he started repeating myself.  Finding myself lonely for intelligent conversation I went home and called some friends.

And for my next trick, I will include the word ’empirical’ in any future personal ads.

And now I can’t get “The Eagle has Landed” out of my head.  Murphy bless the big and little filkers.

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3 thoughts on “I had a blind date yesterday”

  1. Holy Crap!! I tried the personals after I broke up with Spence at the insistence of one of my girlfriends. I separated out the loonies and by some stroke of luck all the guys I picked were good looking, reasonably intelligent and likable. Maybe you should set up a secret e-mail account or on-line chat name for your advertisement AND/OR request a one-page written response on the guy’s philosophy of life along with a recent photo and try to screen out the weirdos.

  2. And I will follow your adventures with interest, nay fascination, having given up my own search for Mr. Right at seventeen – because I could stop looking, having found him.

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