3 thoughts on “More cyuteness”

  1. This might be the cutest kitten I have ever seen. If I saw it in person, I would want to take it home. Will share with my cat friends! Nautilus3, I can’t see this poor little guy taking on wharf rats that are up to 1.5 feet long! Can you?

  2. I think the locals were of the opinion that even the smell of cat in the house would avert an invasion of Rattus Norvegicus. We didn’t start our collection with a kitten, however. A female cat turned up at the door, pregnant as it soon was evident. Half her litter was Manx in appearance – jackrabbit hind legs and no tail. Odd looking critters. But they were never pets – they were there to deal with the rodents, large and small.

  3. I have some absolutely stunningly beeyoootiful looking feral domestics living nearby. Occasionally they stroll through; now that there is no male cat here there don’t seem to be any fights going on. I did get one, who was a jackrabbity runner, to meow back to me. Shadow does a fine job though. I am finding a squirrel tail a day, and usually a couple of dead mice lying about, because she is too full to eat them.
    A couple of years ago it was big news that there are flying squirrels in Algonquin Park. I had no idea they didn’t know. I kept finding tails here. They must be either very tasty, or the flying trigger is too much for my (then 2) cats to stand. Or they were just clumsy and got caught.

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