Food & drink

Me, Mike McG and Patricia wandered around the west end, but mostly ate and drank and sat on the beach.  Vancouver, this time of year, by the water… sunset….. it was all very wonderful.  I was much quieter than usual but I’m not thinking this was a bad thing.  I have a lot on my mind.

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5 thoughts on “Food & drink”

  1. I am trying to picture you quiet. Are you quite well? Seriously – not trying to be snide.

  2. I’m in a seriously weird head space right now. Mostly it’s how incredibly verkokt work is at the moment. The rest of it is stuff that no sane person discusses on a blog which her mother reads; this is more for the more long suffering of my gf’s to deal with over the phone.

    If wishes were buttercakes, beggars might bite, to quote Dunnett.

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