Odysseus…. briefly

My mother said it would need TWO limericks, and I disagreed. Badgods.com has famous poems redone as limericks. I just emailed this to the webmaster there:

Odysseus’ yarn, spun by Homer

Made much of the sea-wily roamer

Penelope’s suitors

All ended as neuters

So his bad ass rep was no misnomer

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5 thoughts on “Odysseus…. briefly”

  1. Okay, Here’s my first crack at the WasteLand. Casey ended up getting killed in the stadium parking lot, so I gave it up as a bad job.

    Sterility, Eliot fusses
    Is not just venereal musses
    All civilization
    needs fertilization
    and that’s all the you’s me’s and us’s.

    It’s amaazing what a few minutes of quiet contemplation in the john can do. I’m off to exercise…maybe I’ll take another whack at Casey later.

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