Self-indulgence in nostalgia

No one who comes here will ever want to watch this video. I’m putting it here so I can find it again.  I would like Keith to see it (and Kate too).  I fell in love with this girl; there are definitely flashes of brilliance in this self indulgent, heavily edited, stream of consciousness video.  I’m really having a lot of nostalgic moments these days so it’s interesting to compare my nostalgia with that of a contemporary young woman.

Also a friend forwarded a really nostalgic email recently, all about what it was like growing up in the fifties.  I grew up in the sixties and seventies so the stuff I get nostalgic about is a little different… but I remember being nine years old and allowed to wander around the neighbourhood (in daylight hours) with a punk stick and about $5 worth of firecrackers, which was a ****load of fireworks in those days.  Man, them was some good times.

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3 thoughts on “Self-indulgence in nostalgia”

  1. Link didn’t work, drat.

    I don’t know from nostalgia. Creaks and groans notwithstanding, today is the best day of my life. But I liked your image of the freedom of your childhood – firecrackers. Did you see in the news that diving boards are going to be banned, due to the (extremely low to nil) risk of serious injury? Fireworks are already banned in many communities, and now it’s diving boards!!!

  2. Much as I hate being old, I am glad to have been a kid when not only could we buy rockets for 15 cents and cannon crackers, but we could go to the neighbourhood pharmacy and purchase the ingredients to make our own explosives. In other words, I am glad to have been young before the try to prevent kids from coming to the slightest harm morons took over.

  3. The disheartening thing about the ‘try-to-prevent-kids-from-coming-to-harm-morons’ is that they really don’t understand the statistics of harm. Once something happens to them (kid dived into shallow pool and injured self – or whatever they are inveighing against this time) it’s the most important thing ever. So they keep smoking and drive like SUVs like maroons and doing all of the things that correlate to a higher level of potential harm…. without understanding in the slightest what they are doing or how it relates to not having enough resources to tackle the genuine, statistically significant problems.

    It’s a poser. In the meantime, Nostalgia is for people who know how good they had it.

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