date = success

What a nice guy!  We plan to get together again.

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7 thoughts on “date = success”

  1. I had thought you might have had to kiss more frogs than that. This is good.

  2. Glad to hear you had an enjoyable evening AND didn’t have to play a part in a Blind Date Horror Show!!

  3. Oh, he’s not a frog! I made sure he knew about the blog though, and said I’d be very restrained about anything I said.

  4. No more than I’m a princess! No, wait a minute. No, I wouldn’t say prince either. Just a non-artificial, WYSIWYG kinda guy. But what do you know when you meet people? All I know is that I felt really relaxed and didn’t have that dreadful first date better censor yourself feeling. I am going to have to go away and think about that for a while.

  5. Funny, every blind date I’ve had since I’ve been here was actually blind. I mean, he couldn’t find a red haired woman. Oh, that’s a no show….

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