9 thoughts on “Sorry to break the bad news, fellas!”

  1. It’s been my experience that men talk more than women, at least around the neighbourhood. While women gather pertinent data such as what’s happening with the neighbours kid, how so-and-so’s wife is doing since her surgery or injury, etc.; men can yak for an hour or two and come back with no information whatsoever. It’s my guess they were talking about their high performance gadgets!

  2. Actually the study found that women use about 500 more words a day than men but they found this to be “statistically insignificant”. I think that the study must have been funded by Chatelaine or Vogue. Yesterday here there were 4 women and 2 men. The men between them uttered about 500 words in the course of 6 hours while the women got off about 25,000.

  3. The point being that there is indeed great variability. I think that women talk marginally very more than men on average, at least in this culture, when men are present. Your mileage may vary, and indeed HAS since you married that gal. At this point you’d have to be the last man standing for about 60 years to come anywhere close to catching up with her female relatives!

  4. Yes, I noticed that the numbers for women were slightly higher, but dismissed them immediately when they were reported to be statistically insignificant (like the good little statistician that I am). I see your “small sample statistics” yielded dramatically different results. I think there may be room for some stratification variables here — mainly situational comes to mind. If the men and women were in separate areas and there were a few more men, the result would probably be different!!
    I don’t know how it works at your house, but here I noticed it’s all about getting caught. Jim could talk with any one of the male neighbours for an hour. If I get caught in a 5 minute conversation with one of the female neighbours, Jim will say “I see you had a good chin wag”.
    My point, even when the evidence is to the contrary, the old belief systems often trumps the evidence.

  5. Debbie I agree with your comments. I think that family history comes into play as well. For example, I come from a very taciturn family where it was held that if you didn’t have anything to say you didn’t say anything. As far as a chin wag is concerned, around here it is an ear flapping after the way that female elephants greet one another.

  6. … and I think I concur with your earlier comments regarding Keith inheriting some of your traits — namely your sense of humour and NO holding back on the honesty!!

  7. I have entire weeks when I say 500 words total. Question is, am I male or female? Anyone figure that out yet? (yes it is a joke…but in reality some weeks I speak maybe 500 words).

  8. This might have something to do with not having anybody worth the talking to in view…..

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