Bridge report

I’m wearing fancy underwear, and you’re likely not.

Oh, is this thing on?  Tap tap tap.

The above noted link is a webcam to where a bridge will be removed and replaced in 14 hours, someplace in Ottawa.  Link from Spence via Deb.  Here is a delightful excerpt from Deb’s email…

Dear Allegra:

On the subject of bridges … did you hear about this.  Tonight at 8:00 p.m. Ottawa time (it’s 6:41 pm now (actually it’s 7:55 there now so the fun will commence any minute)), the Queensway will be closed.  The bridge at Island Park will be removed using some engineering wonder from Europe and a new bridge put in its place.  I think the whole operation will take 14 hours.  First time this equipment has been used in North America!!

Jim and Spence (may they be blessed) are so excited.  Spence suggested Jim and I take our folding chairs down and watch this magnificent event.  Oh, by the way, don’t ask men “… so where will they put the old bridge until they can break it into small pieces and take it away OR if they put this bridge on the ground to break it up mightn’t it cause the ground under it to collapse.” because the answer I got was an exasperated “you’re missing the whole point”.

Amen, sister….. Missing the point is my SPECIALTY.  Because I’m a gurl.

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2 thoughts on “Bridge report”

  1. Re: your first point, you’re right.

    Re: your last point, I gave up trying to GET the point after discovering the ageless dictum, “Guys play hurt.”

    In my opinion, women are too smart to do that, so I don’t think that in missing the point I am depriving myself of any significant portion of life’s rich pageant.

  2. Well Nautilus3, I got the impression I was taking Jim’s toys away from him when I asked my questions about tearing down the old bridge. There’s a 1-year old boy across the street, who comes running down the driveway from his house saying “Vroom, vroom, vroom” which means he wants to walk up to the corner in hopes of watching trucks go by. From what I can figure out, it all seems to start very early in life and continues when they are grown men AND I believe it’s simply in the genes. Spence tells me I will never understand it as long as I live — it’s a guy thing. The frustrating part is I like men and I want to understand them, but maybe those evasive qualities add to the mystery and attraction.

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