I have Spanx

and other irrelevancies.  “She” – the proprietor of the Quay Lingerie store on 6th –  said it would take off a dress size; what she neglected to mention was that the set of far from graceful undulations by which one achieves ingress to this garment is what will take the pounds off.  You’ll be sweating with equine effect by the time you’re into it.  I wore it out of the store, I was too exhausted to take it off.
I also purchased an outfit for Sin City.  It’s black and red and meets the minimum criteria.
I’d like to alternately scold and shout out for Keith; he told me and Mike to come by when Janice was sleeping over – at best thoughtless – BUT he did fork over all the remaining Strangers in Paradise which Mike hadn’t yet read, very appropriate since it was Mike that got all of our family (excluding Paul, he never warmed to it) into Strangers in Paradise in the first place.

My hairs have been cut.  I’m wearing a disturbing amount of sealant, tamer, and other assorted mop mung.  Now for more laundry, a brief nap and later, pho on Kingsway.

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  1. New pictures please!!! I’ve been considering buying one of these Spandex full-body girdles BUT keep hoping that nature will take care of it for me. Jenn kindly told me that at my age, THE ONLY WAY I”ll ever get my figure back is by working out!!

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