One thought on “climate change is a myth part II”

  1. Take the Saskatoon bush, now hybridized and with its delicious berries having a major cash crop in Saskatchewan. The same bush – I don’t know about it being genetically identical but it has the same genus and species name – grows in Victoria, BC, and produces berries with large seeds and tasteless, thin flesh. No winter frost to speak of here, much less the months-long deep-freeze that Saskatchewan gets. Make that, USED to get.
    I believe there will be advantages to some plants in the coming changes – the ones with variability built in to their DNA since the end of the last ice age. Anything that has been cultivated since – that is to say almost ALL domesticated crops – will suffer, and die, lacking the genetic flexibility that would otherwise permit mutation to deal with changing conditions. I wonder what agriculture will look like a century from now.

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