4 thoughts on “Do you want to see a naked man carry a marguay down Melrose?”

  1. The more I think about this guy walking down the street with a ccat around his neck, the funnier it seems to get. I wonder how this event came to be. Did his wife lock him out of the house when he went out to get the morning paper? Is he trying to find his way home from an all-night party? I was also wondering why the cat seemed a little small for a big cat — thanks for the reference Nautilus3!!

  2. I think one of the commenters has it right when they suggest it’s a bengal – domesticated but wild-looking breed. Man, so in the picture where they have him lying on the sidewalk in cuffs… where’s the cat?!

  3. That is a big cat, even for a Bengal. Man I would LOVE a Bengal, they are my current fave breed o cat.

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