6 thoughts on “my favourite colour is green…”

  1. Maybe you’re descended from Royalty and your ancestors didn’t have to do the berry picking! Green is also a good colour in nature — it means it’s not too cold to survive and not so hot and dry that there is no greenery and hence food.

  2. As indicated in this report – always look for the evolutionary explanation. Liking blue because of the blue sky seems, however, to be a bit of a reach into early hominids’ psyches!

  3. We’re all descended from Royalty – but I am a princess unlike any other, sigh. As for Naut’lus3’s comment, it seemed a bit… blue sky for my taste. Especially since it’s darker blue that people seem to like.

  4. Ah, … then maybe it’s not the blue of the sky, but the blue of the water. And, yes you are very special and unique!

  5. I wonder if there were enough men with red-green colourblindness in the sample to affect the results? I know my colourblind father hates the colours he knows he can’t distinguish. It doesn’t explain why blue is so beloved, but it could partly explain the way men on average aren’t as drawn to red tones.

  6. Blue is water, blue is good weather, blue can be seen by everyone. Yeah, I am starting to see the point of that.

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