3 thoughts on “I was sad. Now I’m laughing.”

  1. Boy, rude lyrics sure took me back to my grade school days when some of us used to spend time thinking up rude lyrics. We had group singing where our entire class was made to sing songs. Stormy Weather’s wonder why there’s no sun up in the sky became wonder why there’s no buttons on my fly, use a zipper, it’s much quicker, etc. Those were the days………

  2. I get the feeling that I missed important elements of socialization in my adolescence.

  3. Loki, I’m laughing again. Try getting Lena Horne to sing THAT.

    It’s up and down, mood wise.

    Just heard from Jeff, me happy.

    Then work. Me grumpy.

    Then I think about the weekend. Me happy.

    Then I think about Katie. Me sad.

    Up and down, up and down.

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