I wasn’t paying attention

Donnie Darko is a Richard Kelly film.  Richard Kelly has also made the lamentable “Domino” (the trailer was enough for me) and “Southland Tales” (which I know nothing about).

On the director’s cut of the movie, there is a mockumentary about the film and the fans which was made without his permission but got stuck on the  DVD anyway. I’m very tempted to see it.

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2 thoughts on “I wasn’t paying attention”

  1. We’ve watched a couple of good movies this weekend — Perfect Strangers w/ Bruce Willis and Halle Berry and Fracture with Anthony Hopkins. We watched another movie with Anthony Hopkins and Alex Baldwin who crash in what looks to be some part of the Canadian Wilderness, I just cannot seem to remember the Title.

  2. Also, watched “The River Wilde” with Meryl Streep. Strange but the couple in this movie reminded me of you and Paul. Funny I didn’t notice this the first time I watched the movie.

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