Rest and recreation

I got home yesterday 7:30 ish and upon considering all of the options I read Michael Caine’s autobiography instead.  I haven’t finished it, but it sure is entertaining.

I visited the folks at Pondside – briefly – and dropped off a small token of my birthday esteem to Juliana and admired the koi pond under the brilliant sunshine.  That house has everything a house should have, in my opinion, with the possible exception of a treed lot.  Then I think about raking leaves and figure it is all good….   It’s definitely a big house.  With a LOT of musical instruments.  Various filkers were there including Dr. Filk and Lady Miss Banjola, whose visible cast is a beautiful colour… I never had a cast when I was a kid, but it would have been white.   I mean, I couldn’t even manage to break my arm properly.

I had a loverly weekend and look forward to a productive week at work.

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