Jericho & other natters

The first thought in my head this morning was “If I ever own a country house I’m going to call it Guinnessfree.”  And I think my mother is the only person who reads this blog who will appreciate that.

Jericho was lovely. The headliners were Kathy Francis and Andrea Smith and they played a most wonderful assortment of songs, and even closed with a filk of “I only have eyes for you” which laments the fact that BC teachers can no longer give F’s but must give “I’s”.  So “I only have “I’s” for you” got a big laugh as the closing number.  I got to go up second during the open stage, which as always was great and included AMAZING slide resonator guitar.
I took a wonderful picture of the moon but I can’t get it to resize so I can post it.  Grr.

Every night since I came home from Victoria I’ve lain for about five minutes, convincing myself that the stupid scary rabbit from Donnie Darko isn’t in my room.

I’m never taking the Skytrain coming home from Jericho again, the bus is way more civilized.  The 135 runs pretty well all night and the 145 stops at 12:30, so I’ll take the 4 to Hastings and the 135 home. I cleared my door before midnight. And I would have been home sooner but I missed the 10:35 by about 30 seconds, which was annoying.

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5 thoughts on “Jericho & other natters”

  1. Wow, I am going to have to watch that Donnie Darko movie just to see this scary rabbit. I was scared of what lived under my bed way longer than I EVER should have been. I used to turn the light off as I simultaneously jumped across the room onto the bed and buried myself in the covers.

  2. I, on the other hand, intend NEVER to see that movie. When I was small, I worked it out that as long as no part of me hung over the edge of the bed I was safe. To exorcise that old demon I now deliberately let assorted parts hang over the edge of the bed.

    Evolution plays a role here. The children of early hominids HAD to learn to be afraid of the dark. It was the realm of real lethal dangers. Two million years of that gets into the genes and we have had only a few generations to get it out.

  3. Interesting Nautilus3. I’m not sure why that didn’t occur to me. As Allegra says “follow the DNA”.

  4. Scary Clown and I were on the bus last night and he said (re reproductive fitness/follow the DNA) that there were only two things he liked about a female coworker. I said, “Can you see them when she’s facing you?”

    He nodded.

    I said, “She DOES have the most beautiful eyes!” at which point I thought he would choke with laughing. Guys are so delightfully consistent about some things, it’s one of their features.

  5. Guinnessfree. Snerk.

    In the comment above, are you quite sure you didn’t mean BUGS, as opposed to FEATURES?

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