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The Maori queen died.

What I didn’t know last year, when I posted about it, was that she would lie buried in an unmarked grave, as a sign of equality with her people.  I find that very affecting…. economical, too.
Also, I didn’t know that a large chunk of Maoridom thought she was not their queen, and that she was a bit of a glory hound.  Whenever we borrow from another culture, the questions start.  What is it to be Pakeha?  What is it to be Maori?   If she was really a hereditary chief, why was she called a queen?

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  1. We have the History channel now (and National Geographic, etc.) which we are enjoying along with the books we are reading. We are hoping to become well read in the area of ancient history, archeology and cultures. My early years were focused on Math and Stats (from the HBSc side, no BA-type courses at all). Then I read Diana Gabaldon’s books and became interested in history and freemasonry and my/our reading has expanded from there. So, I feel like I am starting from scratch in these areas AND I find it extremely interesting.

  2. Debbie, you have bitten off a HUGE mouthful. Back when I was still in the world of the employed, I undertook to start on a part-time Anthropology degree. Because of my previous academic work I was able to take only the courses in my field of interest, which by taking one course a year let me move in a few years to third year. but then my work kicked into high gear, requiring up to 16 hours a day, leaving no time for academic work, and I did not complete the degree. Thought I’d pick it up once retired, but then I discovered
    the Internet. And family history.

    Did you know that you can study virtually anything through the MIT online programs? Check it out!


    My plan is to register for the Anthropology 100 level course on magic and witchcraft – as soon as I catch up with data entry for me family data base, and finish some of the books I have in process.

    Heavy sigh. This may mean never.

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