Tarot reading

Like a busybody, I asked The Italian Randomizer (one of my nicknames for the tarot deck) about the spiritual requirements of a friend.

In the Celtic Cross, and with the proviso that I don’t use a querent (picking a card for the person being asked about) or reverse cards, here was the layout:


8 Wands


9 Swords

King Swords


King Wands

9 Wands

King Pentacles

Wheel of Fortune

….I thought my eyes were going to bug out of my head.  Three Kings? Four Major Arcana?? Nothing smaller than an eight? All of the cards well placed, and Judgement and Temperance (two spiritual, winged beings) standing side by side in the layout?

The gloss is – your fears are imaginary.  With the full application of masculine energy, temperance and rationality, all will be well.

Too bad this person is too rational to tell.

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  1. You should give it a shot anyway. I regard myself as rational, and your reading for me put my spine hairs on end. We all have a bit of the irrational in us. The real trick is to recognize it – paradigms being what they are.

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