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I wrote a post and it vanished.  That always makes me mad.  I went back through my pages hit on and found this: Please Vote!

And Mars Mission news.

I have a coworker who is addicted to lip balm. He jokes about it.

I am at a super low ebb.  Everything takes a million years; I feel like I can scarcely move.  Fortunately, I have to get up and go to work, otherwise I’d just lie here and moan quietly.  Knowing this state of mind is entirely temporary is useful; I once believed that if I felt bad I’d feel bad forever, and now I know I’ll feel lousy for a while and then it will go away.  Also, I can think of at least three things, off the top of my head, that would make me feel better.  Obama winning, lunch at the Himalaya and seeing some critters.

I just managed four weeks without a single cigarette, not so much as a drag.  That’s the longest I’ve gone in probably 10 years. Unca Dave getting sick was the wakeup call I needed.

Since it takes a month to make a new habit, I’m now contemplating the next peak to conquer.  Hopefully I won’t need oxygen and a Sherpa.

Oh wait, banjo music!

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8 thoughts on “all gone”

  1. There is a new medication for quitting smoking called Champix. I’ll keep you posted off-line about the results.

  2. congrats at kicking without meds. I have just done same for the 14th time in my life. Perhaps this time it will stick.

  3. I have heard that champix can have some seriously bad side effects. It sure would be nice if losing weight was as easy as quitting smoking.

  4. Loki, it’s only Day 4 on the Champix but I hope it’s not too bad. Yeah, I’m with you on the weight loss. I can’t believe how hard I have to work to maintain the 5 lb weight loss I’ve achieved so far (10 months).

  5. At 5 weeks Zyban had me wanting to buy a gun. Strangely , that was around the same time Keith was having trouble with the same chemical under a different prescriptive designate. Parent company (1-800-HELPLINE!) said I was outside their measurements, suicidal at my age. Shame on me, and even though I was reporting it in a calm voice, they insisted I should continue to try the meds and check back in a week? And it couldn’t be because they had such a small reported incidence of suicidal thoughts in adults it couldn’t just me be could it? OF course, I had nothing to do with their statistics, me with my calm voice…
    Good luck with the Champix

    After 2 years of blood type (I am B) diet, I started trying to lose weight. Figgered first I had to feed my malnourished fat person. I have lost 1 to 2 lb/week eating 3 to 4K Cal/day since May (yes I have an active lifestyle). I used to dance and do theatre for a living, eating 12 to 15 hundred Cal/day, leading to malnutrition at 40 something. Personally I am noticing many big differences besides the weight loss. I am not using pharmaceutical drugs to quit smoking.

    I figgered to be a guinea pig for me instead of the pharma/industial/agri/military complex once I thought it through

  6. Chipper, Zyban is actually the same drug as Wellbutrin which is used to treat depression. Everyone is an individual in how they react to medications. Pharmaceutical companies should remember this. A rare, but serious side affect of Champix is depression. I’m keeping an eye on Jim (the quitter) for any sudden changes in mood. I wouldn’t want him looking to buy a gun!

  7. No, that you don’t. Chipper, our mutual acquaintance David quit using Zyban, and I thought the sun would spin backwards before he quit. We do what we need to (or not, as the case may be).

    Good on you for the weight loss. I am trying to get my digestion working properly and then I’ll try harder to lose weight. So far I’ve cut refined sugar and I’m slowing reducing the amount of coffee I drink and replacing it with black or unsugared tea.

  8. Yes, Mr. D did quit that way, tis true. I am just so far on the other side of pharma, all the studies and statistics prove that someone will have an adverse reaction, and that someone is me. Strange I am so strong, don’t you think it would be a sickly, weak person who would have so much trouble?

    Yes weight loss took a long time, I have done it before, like quitting smoking, but never while consuming huge amounts of meat, fruit and vegetables. Distinctly my digestion healed over a period of a couple of years and with particular feeding being an important component of the regimen.
    I am not out of the woods yet, have not maintained (haven’t finished losing as far as I can tell). So far it feels really really good though.
    My brain doesn’t hurt like it used to either, and I am not talking headache. On my supplement list there are 4 items (unlike the 40 for type A). I only take one so far on a regular basis, the magnesium. The improvement in synaptic and neural behaviours is outstanding. Another supp for me is gingko biloba, It is supposed to micromanage my neural net. Allegra, can you imagine why I might be hesitant to fire this one up?

    I might need a very very quiet place for a while…

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