Just to prove I have no taste

Why should further proof be adduced?  It indeed appears to be l u n a c y. I admit I didn’t click on the links to the pictures, and in that, I pronounce myself wise.  The attending physician’s gracenote at the end had me hooting with laughter.

And in case you want to SEE something that is so hopelessly, deliriously wrong, disgusting, loathsome and vile, and yet somehow so emblematic of the triumph of the human spirit, click here.

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5 thoughts on “Just to prove I have no taste”

  1. scatalogical, shurely? Oh, god, girl, now I realize that’s another DREADFUL DREADFUL PUN. You…. will…..be….PUNished. For those of you just tuning in, eschatology is the study of…. wait for it …. the end times.

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