There were lots of them last night, I just could not see them for the clouds.  How often do events like this resemble life itself.

I hear tell from Lexi that she had a limo and a box to see Lenny Kravitz last night – and the sumbitch cancelled the show.  This is the third show he’s cancelled in Vancouver, it’s like he doesn’t like it here or something.  I was actually hankering to go but now I’m glad I didn’t have the organizational skills buy tix.

Another fine mandolin lesson last night.

Katie is visiting this evening to pick up those items of clothing etc that she actually wants to take with her.  She is still entirely adamant about not laying eyes on Dax voluntarily ever again; she is viewing my consorting with him with a little yellow about the eyes and she was disturbed that he wanted to spend any time with Jessica D last night (they hung out for a couple of hours).  I opined that Jessica was far too smart to do anything except use the opportunity to give him a piece of her mind.  Personally I think Dax is well on the way to adjusting to the new circumstances and moving along,

Her schooling is going well.  Keith, as far as I know, is doing well.

I love my new hat.  It keeps my head warm, it looks good on, it’s heavy enough that it doesn’t just blow off in the lightest breeze, and it keeps rain off in a most firm and masculine way.

I’ve booked off the first week of February next year and I’m going to go on vacation by myself.  I’ve decided it’s San Francisco, Mexico, Hot Springs Cove or a fat farm.  Or maybe I’ll do something else entirely.

I hear tell that Carly smashed up her gran’s car earlier this year.  Weather related – no injuries except to pride.  I know that feeling!

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