Katie was over and collected her cheque.  Keith was over and played GTA4.  We watched the third episode of True Blood and the sappy and weak Xmas episode of NCIS.  I ordered out but I’ll do better tonight.

It’s snowing and I feel compelled to go to work…. I have no idea why.

This is a candle for Mike…. he’s unemployed and while that’s actually a good thing, he will need another job shortly.

Chris, the dude what helped me with my tech support issue a few days back, loved the Werewolves Ball.  Now I have to mix it better ….

I love the titles to Dave’s stories … have heard many of them and I look forward to hearing more.

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2 thoughts on “family!!!!”

  1. We got Brother David’s Pakistan story done yesterday. Onward toward Nepal today. After he picked me up from the motel this mormimg he got his har buzz-cut rather that wait for it to fall out long, and it has definitely started that.

    More snow here overnight.

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