Wreck Beach on a Tuesday

I was talking to a friend on the phone late last night.  The vitamin D blasted me out of my winter doldrums (and killed my joint pain stone dead… who knew?) and I was sharing my good fortune with him.  Then he axed if I’d written anything lately. I was so disappointed with myself for saying no that I wrote an instrumental called – as you see above.  Jeff will, if I ask him nice, once more try to make me understand how to FTP something bigger than 2 megs…. I will post when I can.

This is a candle for the safety of a friend at church who is going through a very scary divorce.  I mean, really scary, like I’m scared to read about her in the news scary.

This is a candle of thanksgiving that I have money to help my kids as they establish themselves, and the support of Paul and my folks in that endeavour.

This is a candle of hope for Unca Dave.  My mOm is with him now, and I think she and Unca  Barry and the rest of Unca Dave’s kin who are visiting him are really wonderful.

This is a candle for Kopper at the turning of the year.  And one each for her unique and remarkable children.

This is a candle for Mike and his new apartment *yay*.

This is a candle for Keith, who for his recent demonstrations of manturity, leaves lights and appliances on as if he wasn’t a day over fourteen.  Typo intentional, yo.  Just in case you were wondering if hip hop is dead.  Not, just on life support.

This is a candle for Tammy, who’s back from France.

This is a candle each for my trio of friends/family in Kanata.  Brother James, a big shout out for the happiness you gave just by sending postcards to me at work and given Karen a smile from me.  Leo & fambly, thanks for sharing the pictures of your travels – and that porcupine, which made me burst out laughing when I saw it.  Deb, big warm seasonal inflected-with-cinnamon hugs for you, Jim and Jenn, and your companion animals….

This is a candle for me.  I feel human again.  Hurting, but able to think about something else besides me for a change.  It’s pretty good right now.

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2 thoughts on “Wreck Beach on a Tuesday”

  1. Glad you are feeling better. Your comments make me very grateful that I have led such an uneventful life.

  2. Brother Davis is napping and I am exploring my wrongly-tuned muscle memory in order to use a non-ergonomic keyboard here at the Rotary Lodge in Kelowna. He and I have completed the aunts-and-uncles memories and are beginning to write other stories: Becoming Invisible Is the Most Useful Skill in the Army; In Nepal the Beer is Undrinkale but the Pot is Legal: Morphine Doesn’t Stop the Pain, You Just Don’t Care; Around the World in Gastrointestinal Distress. And MANY more. But I was referred to as Gestapo today, suggesting I should maybe lighten up.

    My brother David is a remarkable person I have known him for 65 years – and hardly at all – but the present concatenation of circumstances seems to be remedying that deficit.

    I am VERY glad you are feeling human again. From WHAT alien pupation would you say you are emerging?

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