Mike’s Utilikilt is on its way

As an act of compleat frickin insanity, I ordered Mike a Utilikilt for his birthday.  Yes, I ordered it too late, but on the other hand, it’s never too late.  Yes, a black one, is there any other kind?  A Chinese guy in a kilt?  Well, what else is he supposed to wear for occasions like this?  Not to mention fetish night, or any time he has to work outdoors.  It’ll be good for Wreck Beach, too.

Anyway, they just emailed me the tracking number, so I am assuming from this that I should see it in a couple of days – it’s only coming from Seattle.  And then, I get to see him model it.  A utilikilt has a thousand uses, and in this heat…. yeah.  Let the boys swing free!!!

I can think of at least eight guys I would love to see in a Utilikilt.  Mike McG (hell, he’s got the right last name); Robof9; LTGW; Keith; Tom L.; Tom U.; Paul (of course); and Battery.  The idea of a Maori in a kilt isn’t as strange as you might think.

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