Once upon a time Loki said he wanted a pet marguay

But this is what it would be like to live with a small wildcat.  My fave pic is of the wildcat grooming the domestic cat.  This isn’t a marguay, as far as I can tell, it’s likely a lesser spotted cat or ocilla, but there is a lot of variance.  Best guess it’s from Brazil or south America.

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5 thoughts on “Once upon a time Loki said he wanted a pet marguay”

  1. Wow gorgeous cat, but I don’t think I could watch it devouring live prey. I assume that WAS a real live rooster in the picture!!!

  2. “In Russia there are no any law regulations on what pets you can keep and what you can’t.” It’s got me thinking about the definition of freedom in our country.

  3. Someone once said that any people who trade freedom for security will soon have neither.

  4. It would hard to get consensus on security versus freedom. That legal Russian wild cat, could eat someone’s young child. Jim pointed out it wouldn’t be safe to let the dogs out if a cat like that lived in our neighbourhood. I like to think we (as a people) are responsible enough in our decisions to make sure we bring no harm to others.

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